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It seems like every few months I start and then stop blogging from a different location. After reading so much about blogging and its effect on the presidential election in the U.S., I jumped on the bandwagon in late November 2004 by starting a blog at blogger. It was fun for a while but I found that rather than the substance of my posts and I was more concerned with the style. I wanted a place where I could my “decorate” web home a bit by putting in new carpeting and changing some of the wallpaper. After a few days of searching on Google and reading the blogs of people I respect, I found WordPress, an open-source CMS which was easy to use and powerful enough to do some interesting things stylistically and programmatically.

My next task was to settle on a site that would allow me to host a WordPress blog for free. I found a new site called Blogsome which was offering a pre-packaged version of WordPress complete with some really impressive WP themes from Alex King. I signed on immediately and setup The Wandering Mind. I posted a bit here and there but time and other interests intervened so I didn’t make much use of it.

Then a few days back I decided to embark on the adventure of registering my own domain name and leasing space on a webserver. Once I got my site up and running, I knew that my homepage would be my blog and given that had access to a powerful server with lots of space and free reign to install anything I wanted, I made my way to the Word Press website and installed version 1.5. Following the excellent instructions, I installed the software in almost 5 minutes as advertised and had a blog template waiting to be filled with my thoughts and ideas.

However, my alter ego, the tortured artist, took over and determined that the themes that Wordpress provides in its default installation were not good enough and that I would to create my own Theme or at least modify one another one with my mark. Browsing for my links on CSS, I remembered Alex King’s site. When I reached the homepage, I was happily surprised to see that he had setup a new competition for WP 1.5 Themes. I browsed through some of the entries and tried a few. Two stood out above the others: Jakarta 1.5 and Gespaa. I used both for a couple of days and did some extensive modifications to Gespaa’s 2-column version but in the end the CSS in Gespaa was to complicated for me and I didn’t like the layout of the blog post text. So I returned to the competition website and found a Theme from the design duo of Patricia Muller and Sadish Balasubramanian at I fell in love with their the entry called Connections. I had been fooling around with a header image with my site address and a pithy comment ala New York Times’ “All The News That’s Fit to Print”. I grafted my image on to the Connection header image and created the site you see before you. I’m happy so far and think this that my current incarnation should keep me satisfied enough for the time being that I’ll concentrate on writing instead of tinkering with the design. But only time will tell.

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Monday, March 28, 2005

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