I’ve been using for the past few months and I’ve been really pleased with how easy it is to maintain and access my bookmarks anywhere. However, I’ve often wished that there was a privacy feature in so that I could make some links publicly viewable and the rest would be private. Well this morning I was reading a few blogs and came across a link to Scuttle as an personalized version of I played around with the test site a little and realized this is exactly what I was looking for. Marcus Campbell, the creator of scuttle has recreated in PHP and MYSQL allowing anyone with a webserver to store their bookmarks on their localhost. He’s also done a great job of using css to make the links easy to read. Best of all he’s tweaked the category creation logic so that you can have a category link “Cool Links” instead of having to smash it together with underscore characters (i.e. Cool_Links). I’ll let you install Scuttle to figure out how he accomplishes this.

Because Scuttle is open-source and very cleanly written, its very easy to customize. It’s also gotten me thinking about a project I’d like to work on. I’ve been meaning to write a bookmarklet which parses the ISBN number of an Amazon link and creates a boomark in my Scuttle list. I’ve wanted a good way to keep track of books that friends recommend without relying only on the Amazon wishlist system. I’ve done some poking around the scuttle file structure and I think this could be done easily. If anyone reading this has some ideas about how to go about doing this, drop me a line at Hopefully I can give back to the open source community.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

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