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If you are regular at my blog, you know I have this almost bi-monthly fascination with changing the layout of my blog. This is largely due to my rapidly expanding knowledge of Wordpress, css, and elements of good web design. I readily admit to suffering from “Gee that’s cool, why don’t I make my site look like that” syndrome. This incarnation was borne of the realization that my previous theme, while aesthetically beautiful, was hard to read comfortably. As I started hunting for a replacement Wordpress theme my focus turned towards finding something that was simple. I googled for lists of wordpress themes and came across Emily Robbins’ exhaustive list of Wordpress Themes.

I literally began clicking through this list until I came across a design called Conestoga Street by Theron Parlin. The theme caught my eye because it is very simple using a white background with black texts and selective coloring to highlight post titles, links and meta data. I also liked the fact that a single vertical bar separated the posts from the menu information on the right. I knew that I wanted to use a few Wordpress plugins to display information on the right but I didn’t want it to look to cluttered by having the side bar boxed in.

Tweaking the design took a few hours of fiddling with the Theme editor but I think I have something usable and easily skinnable. Once I have some time I might investigate writing a script which would allow me to change the css stylesheet depending on the time of day so a visitor would see a different color scheme as the day wears on.

That is unless I get bored with this design and find something else.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

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