I'm back and now in WordPress 2.0.2

Hi. If you are a regular reader or spammer of this blog you’ve may have noticed that the blog has been down for the past couple of days. This all started with a badly botched attempt to upgrade my blog from Wordpress 1.5.2 to v.2.0.2. Within minutes of copying over the files per the upgrade instructions, I was getting the dreaded “white screen of death” in php when I tried to load my home page. For the past days I’ve been working with the good folks at Textdrive, posting on their forums, but with no luck.

However this morning, I retraced my steps a little bit and with the help of the Wordpress forums and Google, I was able to piece together a hack for my wp-config.php. I’m still not sure why this works but the hack turns off magic_quotes_gpc and disables the Wordpress cache. I hope if any Wordpress gurus are reading they will comment and shed some light on what these hacks do. Nonetheless, my site is up and running again, so please visit once more.

Now I have to get on to writing something worth reading …

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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