Thoughtbot Laptop RoR Script is Awesome!

I wanted to post a short note about Thoughtbot’s laptop script. I recently got a new Macbook Pro Retina and wanted to setup a Ruby on Rails dev environment on it quickly. Previously, I followed instructions on a collection of websites to get all the key components installed which inevitably led to conflicts and version issues. This time after reading about the famous “Thoughbot Laptop” script hosted on Github I decided to give it a try. I installed the Xcode command tools and curl’d the Laptop script per the instructions. As I hit the return key to unleash the script, I crossed my fingers  and watched as various installers ran and spat their “successful” output on to my terminal screen. The script hung of all places on installing the Rails Gem. A little googling told me that I needed to install the rails gem without a sudo command. Installing rails separately (non-sudo) and running the Laptop script once more for good measure, I got a bunch of “error” messages confirming that the script had already installed the various apps. In short, with a few minor corrections, I had successfully installed a rails dev environment in less than an hour.  Thank you Thoughbot for making a newbie developer’s life a little easier!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

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