Introducing WikiIdea

Today I’m excited to announce my most ambitious project to date: WikiIdea. WikiIdea is a social venture focused on accelerating progress by bringing useful ideas out into the open so that they can be dissected, debated, and developed with the goal that the very best ideas might become products, services and policies that will have significant impact on the world.

At the heart of WikiIdea is our website, where visitors can browse ideas, submit new ideas for review and inclusion by our editorial team and connecting with a community of idea implementers. As our brand indicates, WikiIdea is about people centered innovation. We celebrate idea originators from all walks of life who want to see great ideas take hold in the world. Our team of expert moderators help these originators better articulate their ideas and find a home for them in our idea channels, broad categories that help visitors to the site find idea topics that may be of interest. WikiIdea is more than just a static repository of ideas, it leverages modern social networking tools and a mobile-first design to allow anyone with an Internet connection, mobile or terrestrial to create and share an idea.

WikiIdea represents a milestone for me as a developer and entrepreneur. When my partner, Glen Homan met me back in the fall of 2013, he shared the vision of WikiIdea as a web-based social venture that could have significant impact on the world. I was looking for an opportunity to work on a new side project, and told Glen that I would build a working prototype of the site based on a mockup he had created so that we could start soliciting ideas.

I set out to build a beautiful “Minimum Viable Product” that would help me to illustrate the vision that Glen and I share for WikiIdea. My intitial thought was to build a simple website that would allow users to post ideas in time for a pitch competition that we had entered. However, as I got deeper into the project, WikiIdea became more than just an MVP. It began to reflect the boundaries of my knowledge as a developer. Often, at night, I would curl up in bed with my laptop next to my sleeping daughter, put on some soothing music and hack away until the early morning hours. Along the way, I learned about responsive design in order to make my website accessible from mobile devices (I read an article that said more than 30% of ideas come from folks are on the go), I added javascript to make it more interactive and I mastered the art of depoloying from git to heroku to turn my idea into production ready website.

All in all, its been a whirlwind journey thus far. With our protype built and out there, we’re actively seeking users to try it out and help us make it better. Please visit, join as a member and contact me at if you have comments, rants, or any other feedback!

See you on WikiIdea!


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Thursday, May 8, 2014

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